Should I Post This Online? A Handy, Eight-Step Guide

A cursory glance through some of the stellar comments you find on the Internet – especially under YouTube videos – what is that about?!) – makes me think that taking some of the advice on this list wouldn’t go amiss for quite a few people out there!

Thought Catalog

Hey, there! Welcome to the Internet! It’s a pretty neat place. There’s information and community and more photos of kittens than you had ever imagined. Feel free to dive on in! Share a recipe! Discuss events that may or may not have been inside jobs! But remember, everyone reading what you write is also a human being with feelings and opinions. The Internet is an extension of the real world, not an alternative to it. As you’re navigating this vast realm of information, here’s a list of questions that will help you figure out whether you are, as the Scouts might say, leaving the metaphorical campsite in better shape than you found it.

Do you compare someone to Hitler who is responsible for the death of less than one person?

That person is not like Hitler. Try thinking of a historical figure of equal magnitude to whoever you’re talking about…

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