Russell Brand and the GQ Awards

Russell Brand and the GQ Awards

So earlier this week, Russell Brand was ejected from the GQ awards, after a joke he made about the sponsor Hugo Boss.

He’s now followed it up with a brilliant article – I’ve become a fan of his writing, particularly as he has such an eloquent writing style which also makes you reflect on a lot of different issues.

The points he made on what position politicians have at popular culture events really struck a chord. And I have to say that I agree – politicians get paid to do a job. They should really be playing a part in sorting out world events – so actually doing their jobs instead of raving it up at black-tie events and drinking champagne.

Russell then makes a quip regarding the fact that Boris Johnson has been presented with a ‘best politician’ award:

“Boris Johnson – a man perpetually in pyjamas regardless of what he’s wearing”

…that’s probably one of the best descriptions of BoJo I’ve read in a long time!

Have a look at the article, and feel free to comment below!


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