Discrimination in London’s Property Market

Discrimination in London’s Property Market

The BBC recently conducted an investigation into racism within the property industry for their programme, “Inside Out”. I find it disgusting that such racism is still to be found in the 21st century, especially as it’s illegal and goes against the Equality Act (2010). What’s more disheartening is that it is going on in one of the most diverse, varied cities in the entire world.
London is a melting pot of different cultures, and who is to say that you should judge someone by the colour of their skin, rather than what they are like as a person? Surely in order to let a house to someone, it should be based on other criteria? Things like first impressions, their references, and whether or not they’ll be a decent tenant  that you would trust to rent a house to? How can you base your decision to let a property to someone solely on the colour of their skin?

It’s appalling that in this day and age people are still so quick to jump to conclusions simply based on the colour of someone’s skin. If a person has had a negative interaction with one person, and chooses to make a snap judgement about everyone who shares that person’s ethnicity or culture, is that not tarring everyone with the same brush? Or if a person has grown up being told not to like/trust a group of people solely based on where they are from, and then goes on to pass that mindset on to others, is that not narrow-minded? Surely they’re only strengthening the mindset that it’s acceptable to behave like this and be prejudiced against people for no solid reason?

Quite frankly, it’s disgusting. As someone who was born and raised in West London; such blatant racism should have no place in London’s in this day and age. There are few places I’ve travelled to around the world that are as diverse, multicultural, or (generally) welcoming as London is. The fact that Notting Hill Carnival (which started off as a celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture and a show of cultural unity; and has now become the biggest street festival in Europe) has been going on right in the heart of West London for over 40 years goes to show what the area is truly like.

That’s why it saddens me to read that just a couple of towns away, letting agents like A to Z Property Services or National Estate Agents genuinely think it is acceptable to stop people finding a place to live just because of prejudices they (or landlords) have. Safe to say I’d never bother stepping foot in either.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to post below.


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