Google and Twitter team up: what does this mean for businesses?

Last week saw the release of some exciting news within the digital landscape, with Google announcing details of their new partnership with Twitter. The collaboration means that users of the Google app and mobile web will see tweets highlighted in search results. When a user selects a Tweet within Google search, they will be able to access further content within the social media platform. So if you’re a Taylor Swift fan (and who isn’t?!), searching for her in the Google app will pull real-time content from Twitter to the top of your search results:

Initially rolled out in the United States, desktop users and others across the world will be able to enjoy the new feature over the next few months.

So what does this integration mean for businesses? Well, by narrowing of the gap between social and search, this signals big opportunities for companies who want to deepen engagement with their audiences. Brands with a strong presence on Twitter will have the chance to get more exposure for their real-time social content. This also means they can reach an ever-growing global market of existing and potential consumers who are searching for them on Google.

Although it is a fantastic development in terms of increasing engagement, the news highlights just how important it is to maintain a strong brand reputation on Twitter. It can be a real challenge for brands to handle crisis management on the platform – with many of brands having faced issues with this over the years. The collaboration between Google and Twitter serves to highlight how quickly the digital world is developing and unifying all the time, so it is vital for companies to keep abreast of what audiences are saying about their brand online.

Obviously until the feature is more widely available, only time can tell what the pros and cons of the collaboration will be. But there are certainly some interesting opportunities available in terms of consumer engagement. This is definitely one partnership to watch in the coming months.

Share your thoughts on the collaboration below, and feel free to share the post with anyone you think might be interested.


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